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Tymen Corporaal

"She customizes her coaching to meet your needs and requirements"

For some time I wasn’t happy in my job as a manager in the public sector. I was struggling with questions such as: who am I, what motivates me, what drives my behavior, what are my qualities and how can I make better use of them? Both in my professional and private life I was encountering a number of things I wanted to understand. I had got to know Leona during one of her trainings and some time after I met up with her. During our talk I became confident that Leona could help me on my way.

Leona combines state-of-the-art coaching through modern media with face-to-face coaching. After a face-to-face intake, video- and whatsapp conversations take place. She uses a professional secured online coaching platform in which all conversations, exercises and learning materials are stored. The advantage is that you can retrieve your entire coaching dossier any time you like. And your privacy is guaranteed.

Leona takes the time, never in a rush. She customizes her coaching to meet your needs and requirements. She draws out the key ingredients: purpose, desired outcome, learning points, time frame and budget and then she creates a customized program just for you. Leona gave me exercises, encouragement and many insights that helped me unleash my potential.

The outcome of coaching with Leona is that I have taken charge of my own life again. Not by focusing on improving my weaknesses, but simply by developing my skills, qualities and talents. I am much more in balance and at peace with myself. I also made a big change in my career, more aligned with my purpose, vision, mission, values, skills and talents.

I know that this is not yet the end of the line. Leona put me on a "new" trail of life. New in quotes, because the trail was already there, I just wasn’t able to see it.


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