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Team Effectiveness Scan

Giving your team the feedback they deserve to enable continuous improvement


Team Effectiveness Scan

Today’s organizations are built on teams. Yet many teams, even executive ones, often struggle to function efficiently and effectively, and many settle for less than they should be capable of. Our Team Effectiveness Scan provides leaders and their teams with insights, and help set agendas for improvement.

‘You cannot improve what you are not aware of’

For a team to become effective, it needs to do the following:

  1. Know where it currently stands
  2. Know where it wants to go
  3. Use continuous feedback to get there.

Feedback is an essential part of professional development. Sharing feedback with your team, having them give each other feedback, or getting feedback from the team are all good opportunities for team members to continuously improve and for you to grow in your team leader role.

The Team Effectiveness Scan will help your organization assess the competence and performance of your teams by giving you instant feedback on how team members value their team. This online tool will enable your organization to identify your teams’ strengths and development areas based on a range of effective team competencies.

We recommend using the Team Scan in tandem with one of our Dare to Care-coaching programs for teams to enable team members to increase their awareness of team challenges and to provide team scan results-specific skill development to maximize the team effectiveness and organizational impact.

Team Scan Features

  • A comprehensive assessment that not only focuses on team interactions and processes. This assessment goes well beyond interpersonal relations by also measuring other key elements of team effectiveness, such as: organizational support, goal clarity, leadership skills, team diversity, learning, growth, and results.
  • Team members access a designated website and provide answers anonymously to ensure candid responses.
  • It is a quantitative and qualitative survey and only takes about 20 minutes to complete.
  • The scan enables a comprehensive assessment of team competencies from a range of perspectives.

Our coaches use the assessment and your facilitators can too, based upon their facilitation experience.


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