Sustainable Organizational Performance

Sustainable Organizational Performance through Organizational Coaching

Since coaching has become more mainstream and integrated into the consciousness of corporate organizational learning and development, a new and more sophisticated coaching model has developed which clearly aligns the long terms ambitions of the organization with the learning and development ambitions of the people that work in the organization.


Organizational Coaching has evolved and developed as a response for organizations that need a holistic framework to develop and grow. Today’s coaching is not just about task improvement and better people, it is all about having people who are aligned to a clear strategy and embrace being held accountable to delivering on that strategy. Creating successful businesses through coaching is built around the essential principle that organizations only change when the people within them change. Successful organizations create a work environment where employees are given an opportunity to author their own success in-line with the long-term ambitions of the organization and then held accountable to delivering on it.

The key difference between Individual- and Team Coaching and Organizational Coaching is that the first two are built on the principle of coaching the people and teams in the organization to be better at their role so that the organization could be a better business. Organizational Coaching is a much more holistic coaching approach, that looks at the business objectively, treats the organization like a person and provides a coaching framework to make the organization a better organization (person).

The Dare to Care Organizational Coaching Framework has been designed specifically to coach your organization as a whole towards long term, sustainable organizational outcomes, whilst balancing people, planet and prosperity.

What’s great about Dare to Care Organizational Coaching is that because of its flexibility and objectivity – right or wrong becomes a thing of the past – rather it is a framework that promotes organizations to continuously evolve their learning and development, by empowering the people in organizations to improve on their good decisions and not being afraid to take a risk because they know their decision is aligned with the best interests of the organization, society and the world.




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