Client experiences from around the world

Rody van Oudheusden - The Netherlands

"Leona is not a one-size-fits-all team coach"

Due to the rapidly changing world, society and government policy we were faced with the need to change the way we offered our services to our citizens and local entrepreneurs. This led to an organizational redesign, meaning the integration of all our municipal services into a well-organized ‘one-stop-shop’ front office. This all in the context of a dynamic environment, outdated IT-systems and an upcoming merger with a neighboring municipality.


Our new Management Team had many dilemmas to manage and was indecisive at times. So much was going on and a lot of our time went into daily issues. But we were also very aware that we needed to create a solid foundation first. We all agreed that we needed support from someone with experience in organizational change, expertise in the field of process improvement & business process redesign, and someone who was able to ask the right questions. We found Leona to help us.
What I really value in Leona is that she is in no way ‘a one-size-fit all’ team coach. She asks powerful questions we ourselves wouldn’t have thought of. Those questions made us pay careful attention to what we were doing, raised our awareness and helped us get to the heart of the matter. Leona left the responsibility with the management team at all times, without losing sight of the ultimate goal.
Sometimes during the sessions, Leona took the time to get to the core of the matter and now and again our management team indicated that they had had enough. However, Leona was always able to intervene in such a way that we got over our resistance. Retrospectively that turned out to be exactly what our team needed to move forward.
Leona does her work with love and that I truly appreciate. She is very aware and takes notice of what is happening in the here and now and she responds effectively. The results she wanted us to reach were ‘hard’ and ‘concrete’, but the way she engaged with us was very pleasant and non-judgmental, based on equality and respect.