Programs for teams

Maximizing team effectiveness

Helping your team and team members to develop clarity about their role and realizing what they can achieve together, rather than apart. The focus is on the key areas where your team needs the most support and breakthrough, including:

  • An online team-scan that will give you insights as to your team’s current effectiveness on the basis of ten key elements of high-performing teams.
  • Understanding the art and skill of interpersonal effectiveness based on Functional Fluency
  • Learning how to build positive relationships that is highly beneficial for yourself, others, your team and organization. This will ensure reaching your short- and long term goals.
  • Setting up and executing a team progression plan.



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Team Relationships & Dynamics


An in-person training (plus preparations) designed for leaders who desire to enhance their leadership development effectiveness and their team’s performance by learning how to build positive relationships.


If your organization relies on people working together to produce a result then having functionally fluent team members is going to result in them being happier, more productive and more successful. Leaders who are functionally fluent affirm and inspire others. They understand how their own patterns of behavior have an impact on the people they lead. Functionally fluent leaders are then able to choose positive and productive ways of relating to others. The focus of the training is on:

  • Identifying challenges
  • Discovering what is getting in the way of building effective relationships
  • Shifting limiting mindsets
  • Caring competence and compassion
  • Working with Functional Fluency tools
  • Discovering (at least three) options to do things differently to enhance leadership and team effectiveness
  • Identifying the next steps to success.


The training includes discussing your needs and desired outcomes beforehand. It also includes online TIFF-questionnaire - and Team Scan completion and one-on-one feedback on TIFF- & Team Scan results in advance of the training.

Team Strategy Day


A 5 step-approach designed for leaders and teams looking for an inspiring, meaningful and effective way to run their strategic planning session.

This program is for you if you want to collaborate with your team to generate great ideas as well as for those ideas to stand a better chance of being implemented and making a difference. To get this kind of outcome you need a process that’s collaborative, that engages with your leadership, staff and even your clients.

To achieve an optimal outcome, you will need to start your strategy day process at least four weeks before the big day. The 5-step successful collaborative team strategy approach includes a:


1. Team strategy day kick-off & brief
2. Desk research in advance
3. Primary research conversations
4. Team strategy workshop
5. Team strategy day summary report & feedback session

The 5-step approach is a co-creative process between your team and our team. Our focus will be on helping you through the process and facilitating the team strategy day kick-off & brief (step 1), the team strategy workshop (step 2) and the team strategy day feedback session (step 5).