Client experiences from around the world

Pim Oskam - The Netherlands

"We laid the foundations for change and got the transition process going"

Leona helped us implement a program focused on improving our (municipal) services in order to quickly meet the needs and requests of our customers and clients in a speedy, flexible, efficient and effective way. The program was large-scale and involved improving the quality and efficiency of all relevant working procedures and -processes, management information and support (systems) throughout our organization, also in relation to our chain partners. The focus was also to bring about a change of leadership-, management- and employee attitude and behavior; a key element for the transition to succeed.

As our overall program manager and organizational coach, Leona managed the program organization and implementation documents. She also acted as sparring partner and coach for the leaders and managers of the organization and ran workshops within all our departments to get people into motion. Leona’s work certainly didn’t go unnoticed. She actively approached the managers and employees of the numerous departments within the organization, engaged in dialogue with all stakeholders and helped people understand what it meant to be customer oriented and customer friendly.

When drawing people’s attention to their own responsibility she did this in a correct, but inevitable way. That made an impression. Eventually, as a result of the whole approach, the organization supported the change. Together with Leona we laid the foundations for change and got the transition process going in various accompanying trajectories as well as the follow-up phase.

I personally was Leona’s ‘contractor’ and we worked together intensively for over a longer period of time. Leona has high working standards, keeping us sharp and focused on how to achieve the desired results and outcome. She is able to switch quickly and fluently between different circumstances, personalities and points of view, she is a good organizer and also has a well-developed, mature empathic capacity and sensitivity towards people as to where they were coming from and where they needed to be heading in the context of the program. I look back on working with Leona with great pleasure.