TIFF Providers Caribbean

Natascha Sillé

I am an HR professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources Management. Recently I started my own business providing clients with HRM services, including personal coaching. Coaching people is a considerable part of my job. One of my main drivers is to apply TIFF in the organizations I work for as an HR Manager, since part of my responsibilities as HR Manager is to support the staff with their personal and career development. Being a TIFF provider gives an extra boost to my coaching practice for individual clients. TIFF is a powerful and structured tool that helps me have meaningful conversations with my clients, helping them with their personal development by understanding their behavior and their past relations. The tool helps me ask open questions about the way my clients behave. With these questions, my clients gain insight in their thinking process and it enables them to look at new perspectives on themselves, their life situation or the world they’re living in. The result of TIFF is an adequate starting point for coaching sessions to achieve meaningful objectives. Using TIFF helps to support my clients towards change.

Email: natascha.sille@gmail.com