Meet Leona

Leona Bishop is the Founder and CEO of Dare to Care Leadership. She is a transformational leadership expert who is passionate about creating sustainable change within leaders, teams and organizations.

Her specialty in the areas of leadership and executive coaching, organizational development and change management enables her to utilize her experience and knowledge to help companies leverage their potential and succeed in today’s constantly changing, diverse, complex and even volatile world.
With over 25 years of international experience in the public and private sectors, Leona has had the privilege of working with over 50 organizations and partners in various parts of the world. In the course of her career, seeing so many leaders, employees and organizations struggle, she became fascinated with how leaders behave and the impact of their leadership on organizational performance. Curious about finding out about leadership effectiveness, she began to study human behavior and positive change.
Leona is driven by a desire to improve individual and collective wellbeing. Her mission is to help over 100,000 leaders thrive and become effective decision makers for the betterment of our planet. She contributes to the world by creating Dare to Care-programs for leaders and teams who believe the world is ready for a new collective leadership capacity. This will enable us to create a future of greater sustainable possibility.
The essence of the Dare to Care Leadership Path is about daring to care for oneself, for others, for employees, for clients for society and for the world as a whole. Dare to Care leadership works at personal, team, organizational and partnership level.
Leona is passionate, empathic, caring, results-driven, analytical, and focused on keeping people accountable and working at their full potential. While willing to ask the tough questions and delve into complicated issues, Leona’s style is engaging and open, which quickly puts people at ease.
She is a Certified Coach, Certified Functional Fluency Trainer & Coach, Master Practitioner Transactional Analysis and business consultant who helps many focus on the core strengths of leaders and teams alike, and leverage strengths into exciting, productive success.
Leona holds a master’s degree in social history with a focus on psychology and communication from Erasmus University Rotterdam, and has completed professional certifications in organizational development and change management.
All of Leona’s work is based on a clear stepwise approach and is also custom designed to meet each client’s unique needs.

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