TIFF Providers Caribbean

Leona Bishop

I am a transformational leadership expert who is passionate about creating sustainable change within leaders, teams and organizations. I utilize my experience and knowledge in the areas of leadership- team- &, organisational development to help companies leverage their potential and succeed in today’s constantly changing, diverse, complex and volatile world. With over 20 years of international experience in the public and private sectors, I have had the privilege of working with over 50 organisations and partners in various parts of the world. Curious about finding out about leadership effectiveness, I began to study human behaviour and positive change. Greatly inspired by Transactional Analysis I came across Functional Fluency and TIFF. I became a Licensed TIFF Provider in 2015 and since then have experienced the incredible power and positive impact of the Functional Fluency model and TIFF when working with clients. In February 2017 I became the Functional Fluency Coordinator in the Caribbean and I have also been trained to train professionals who want to become Licensed TIFF Providers. I am driven by a desire to improve individual and collective well-being. I contribute to the world by spreading the use of Functional Fluency in organizations, teams, groups and individuals and the provision of TIFF as a tool for success and satisfaction in personal and professional life. I also create programs for leaders and teams who believe the world is ready for a new collective leadership capacity. This will enable us to create a future of greater sustainable possibility.