Leadership Mindset & Alignment

Leadership Mindset & Alignment

(6 months)

The focus of the program is on empowering you to lead yourself, others, your team and organization effectively in the desired direction through shifting ineffective mindsets, practicing presence, unleashing potential and purposeful alignment. This will result in a personal Dare to Care-leadership transition that includes:

  • Understanding the power of your leadership mindset
  • Influencing the way you perceive things and in effect, how you can influence your own behavior and the behavior of others
  • Becoming aware of your authentic emotions and needs
  • Gaining insight into how present you actually are in daily life and how you can become more present
  • Becoming aware of recurring ineffective patterns and what part you play (are you part of the problem or part of the solution)
  • Getting insight into organizational paradigms and patterns and what keeps on being repeated that is not functional
  • Knowing the stage of development that your team is and understanding how to lead your team to the next developmental stage in order to become a high-performing team
  • Understanding what your path of growth is and what is necessary in order to unleash your own potential to the full
  • Identifying areas that need to be developed in your leadership behavior in order to unleash potential in others
  • Aligning your highest calling and purpose with your leadership
  • Getting clear on your team’s / organization’s shared values, vision, mission and purpose
  • Understanding how to facilitate a process within your work-environment in which people are invited to take 100% responsibility for their actions from a state of autonomy.

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