Leadership Acceleration

Leadership Acceleration

(10-day intensive)


An exclusive program for leaders who never find the time, but realize that something really needs to change. This highly intensive 10-day program mustn’t be taken lightly. I only offer this program once a year and it is only for leaders who need and desire to make a shift in their leadership within a short time.
Maybe your team and/or organization is at the end of its rope. Maybe you are at the end of your rope. Or maybe you know that the right time will never come to invest in yourself if you keep on sticking to the same routine.
This program includes a ‘five star’ experience with ten full days of exclusive attention to empower your mindset as a leader. The combination of being on Curaçao and leadership development is perfect because it get’s you out of your day-to-day routine and it literally forces you to take distance so that you are able to reflect on yourself and your leadership and learn how to lead more effectively.


The program also offers you space to enjoy, relax and to connect with your inner resources through meditation, yoga and hikes.