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Kamla de Haas

Hi Splendid,

I am a self enrichment expert and I empower courageous women and men so they can shine their brightest light. I believe in the human potential. Unfortunately we live in a time where a lot of people don't believe in their own potential. Therefore I made it my lifework, as a certified holistic life coach, to facilitate growth and evolution of the human consciousness. My clients love me for my uniqueness, transparency, truthfulness and my genuine vibrant spirit. I use TIFF to give people an insight in their own energy household. It makes it clear where they - due to their behavior - waste energy and/or generate energy.
I founded Splendid Coaching 4 years ago to give people a place where they can strive for the highest potential, decide their own destiny and construct their best unique life.

tel: + 5999 5117871 (svp whatsapp only)
mail: splendidcoaching@gmail.com