‘Get on the mat & interact’ group session

Get on the Mat & Explore how you Interact




Number of participants: between 6 to 12



    • October 17, 2019
    • November 21, 2019
    • December 19, 2019


Time: from 6 - 9 pm


Location: you will receive information before hand


Investment: Nafl 75,- excl. OB


In the ‘Get on the mat’ sessions:


  • Your blind spots will become clear
  • You will enhance your own capabilities
  • You will learn to be involved without entanglement
  • You will find clarity within yourself
  • You will learn to confront challenges instead of avoid them


Strive to make an effective impact on all your (working) relationships.


Be your own leader and lead yourself and others with integrity, inspiration and insight.


Are you achieving what you really want?

How do I behave and how effective is my behavior? Do I respond or do I react? Is my behavior beneficial for me? Is it beneficial for others? Am I achieving what is really important to me? The big questions we need to ask ourselves if we want to grow en become more effective in all areas of our lives.


Insightful, eye opening and fun

One of the most significant aspects of leadership is the capability of being in charge of your own mind, emotions and actions.


In the'Get on the Mat'-sessions we use Functional Fluency as a means for you to explore the way you behave and interact in all kinds of situations. You will get insight into how effectively you influence and lead yourself and others.


The Functional Fluency model is a behavioral model helping you to understand your effective and ineffective behavior and how you can transform ineffective behavior into effective behavior.




Motivate change, enhance strengths, transform ineffective behavior

Each session is a 3-hour in-depth interactive playfield in a confidential group setting. You will have the opportunity to act out your own challenging experiences on the Functional Fluency mat.


Our Functional Fluency & TIFF Providers will skillfully guide the 'Get on the mat' sessions in a safe and supportive way. The sessions are personal and respectful of your level of willingness to transform.

Get on the mat is THE time to explore the leader within, to find tools and insights whilst being in the moment and having fun.


Are you ready to change your narrative?

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These sessions are amazing teambuilders and a true gift for your company and it’s people.

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