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What is Functional Fluency?

Functional Fluency is about building effective relationships. It is a model for understanding how people behave, and a practical framework to help them 'respond' more and 'react' less.
Insights from the Functional Fluency model encourage people to:


    • focus on their strengths.
    • enhance what they already do well.
    • transform patterns of behavior that don't work well.
    • communicate more effectively
    • find relationships more satisfying and successful.

Functional Fluency is the art and skill to interpersonal effectiveness.

What is TIFF©?

The Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF©) is a personal development tool based on the Functional Fluency model. It was created by Susannah Temple in 2002.


  • promotes the self-awareness and understanding that enhances emotional literacy.
  • is a valuable tool for consultants, trainers, counsellors, coaches, mentors and psychotherapists.
  • is being used with leaders and managers, teams and staff groups, teachers and students.
  • provides an innovative framework to help people bring about positive change.

TIFF© Provider Licensing Training

Become a licensed TIFF © Provider and use TIFF as part of your professional practice.
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