Functional Fluency & TIFF Provider Licensing Training

Functional Fluency & TIFF© Provider Licensing Training in the Caribbean

Curaçao & Bonaire

Become a Licensed TIFF© Provider in the Caribbean

TIFF is a well-researched tool for personal and professional development, based on the Functional Fluency model.



TIFF promotes the self-awareness and understanding that enhances emotional literacy.
TIFF is a valuable tool for consultants, trainers, counsellors, mentors, coaches, and psychotherapists.


TIFF is being used with leaders and managers, teams and staff groups, teachers and students.

The TIFF Provider training process is designed to enable participants to meet the TIFF© licensing criteria so that they can deliver TIFF effectively in their respective professional contexts.

The training is friendly & interactive, consisting of training, discussions, practice, supervision, flexibly designed to meet the group’s needs.

The training itself provides invaluable personal and professional development for participants.

Training takes place in an open group of max. 14 participants over a period of three months. The personal contact of group support and challenge is a key part of the training.


Training 2021



module 1: January 2021

module 2: February 2021

module 3: March 2021



module 1: February 2021

module 2: March 2021

module 3: April 2021

Training program

Completion of own TIFF profile & feedback with a licensed TIFF-Provider and some study, in advance.


Module 1 (two days: 10:am - 5 pm):

  • Learning the basics of Transactional Analysis (TA), a model for understanding human behavior, communication and relationships. Basic understanding of TA is necessary as part of the TIFF-Provider Licensing process.
  • Understanding the theory of TA, including the structure of personality; transactions, or the way we relate to others; time structuring; the psychological "games" we play (unconsciously); and life scripts.
  • Opportunity to apply the theory and practical models to own behavior and the behavior of others participating in the group.

Module 2 (two days: 10:00 am – 5 pm):

  • Experiences in doing own TIFF are shared, and questions to be answered during the program distilled.
  • Learning from own Profile to understand how and why the Functional Fluency model and TIFF work as they do.
  • Practicing non-judgemental sensing.
  • Learning to read a TIFF Profile and how to do a TIFF feedback session.
  • Focus on the research base, and use and purpose of the TIFF questionnaire.

Between module 2 and module 3:

  • Buddy work & group supervision 1
  • Preparation for the first two practice clients, with support and supervision to ensure optimum learning
  • TIFF feedback with practice clients

Module 3 (two days: 10:00 am – 5 pm):

  • Learning from practice client work and case studies to deepen understanding.
  • Knowing about transference and counter-transference and how it influences the TIFF process.
  • Learning how to use the questionnaire and TIFF online.
  • Knowing how Functional Fluency is rooted in Transactional Analysis.
  • Knowing how the international the Functional Fluency Network work and how ongoing mutual support is organized.
  • Self-assessment in participant’s readiness for working with TIFF in own professional practice.

After module 3:

  • TIFF feedback with third practice clients
  • Buddy work & group supervision 2
  • Ending of training and distribution of TIFF© Providers Licenses.

After distribution of the TIFF© Providers Licenses (optional at extra costs)

  • one-on-one support (2 sessions): Embedding and developing learning with a focus on application of Functional Fluency and TIFF.



The investment for this Functional Fluency and TIFF Provider Licensing Training is USD 1.947-*, excluding VAT, including your own TIFF profile, three online TIFF questionnaires for the purpose of using TIFF with practice clients during the training, three supervision sessions and a TIFF network membership fee that stands for the current part year’s membership subscription.
* Flexible payment arrangements are available.

Anchoring and support after becoming a provider:
The annual TIFF-network membership fee for providers in the Caribbean, running from January 1st, is set at USD 175,- . In return a provider will have access to a knowledge bank containing reference work, articles and working methods, three online TIFF questionnaires for own professional use. Providers are also invited to participate in the providers network sessions that take place twice a year.
When licensed, providers buy online versions of the TIFF questionnaires as a kit for each client that includes a feedback booklet.

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