Functional Fluency & TIFF Provider Licensing Training in the Caribbean-backup


Functional Fluency & TIFF Provider Training in the Caribbean

"Coaching and supporting effectively with Functional Fluency & TIFF"

  • Do you coach and/or support others in their personal and/or professional development?
  • Do you lead the way in a process of change and transition?
  • Do you work with individuals, groups, teams and/or organizations
  • Do you enable people to reach their goals by providing them with insight in their own behavior?
  • Are you looking for suitable tools to help you coach and support others effectively?

Invest in your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Learn how to work with the Functional Fluency Model and the related TIFF-personal development tool.


Optimize your talents as a coach, trainer, consultant, councellor, mediator, educator and/or psychotherapist.