Functional Fluency in times of Corona

The Coronavirus has ripped through the fabric of our society and economy, challenging business and civic leaders to respond in an effective manner, incorporating key aspects of the practical Functional Fluency Model to mitigate its far-reaching effects, writes transformational leadership expert Leona Bishop.

People who understand the Functional Fluency Model and know how to use it are better equipped to respond, rather than react when adversity strikes. In uncertain and chaotic times, they use their ability to do complex accounting; the capacity of humans to reflect, consider, imagine and problem solve.

Important accounting functions include assessing what is relevant in a situation, working out what is significant in the circumstances, imagining possible implications and considering what needs to be decided. Then comes the choosing of options and necessary conditions for action to take place. All of this uses energy internally, ‘head, heart and gut’, which is why we say that accounting works like an internal ‘mode of behavior’ i.e. it’s not observable.
Accounting, therefore, is what a person does internally in order to choose what to do or say next (Temple, 2020).

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