Dare to Care Leadership Programs

VIP Experience


(3 months)


Designed to help you quickly achieve success in a specific area related to your leadership. The focus is on the area where you need the most support and breakthrough.

Leadership Mindset & Alignment

(6 months)

The focus of the program is on empowering you to lead yourself, others, your team and organization effectively in the desired direction through shifting ineffective mindsets, practicing presence, unleashing potential and purposeful alignment. This will result in a personal Dare to Care-leadership transition.

Leadership Mastery

(12 months)

This one year exclusive program is designed for leaders who desire to take on the challenge to achieve maximum leadership progression, team progression and organizational progression. After alignment (see 6-month program), the focus will be on execution.

Leadership Acceleration

(10-day intensive)

An exclusive program for leaders who never find the time, but realize that something really needs to change. This highly intensive 10-day program mustn’t be taken lightly. I only offer this program once a year and it is only for leaders who need and desire to make a shift in their leadership within a short time.