TIFF Providers Caribbean

Cathy Beresford

"I have a passion for empowering others. Recognizing talent and helping others to find and embrace their mission in life and reach their full potential. Building and maintaining relationships with a divers clientele gives me the satisfaction and drive to be successful in the field of human resources and coaching. I enjoy helping others discover, strengthen, and work on the development of the qualities that they consider important to achieve their goals. Everybody has something to add to another, to an organization, to the world! TIFF is a wonderful, practical and eye-opening tool which, in combination with your own story, makes it possible to develop a deeper awareness of oneself and create new insights. Through "food for thought", there is room to work on growth through the active use of effective behavior and the better coping with situations that may result in ineffective behavior."

E-mail: beresford@balancecaribbean.com
Website: www.balancecaribbean.com