Become a TIFF© Provider

Prospective TIFF Providers undertake a thorough and flexible training process to become licensed to use TIFF as part of their professional practice.


The training is itself a valuable CPD process for participants; an opportunity for personal and professional reflection. Prior to the training participants will need to have sufficient basic knowledge of transactional analysis (equal to the TA-101). If participants do not yet have the basic TA-knowledge, we will look together to find a suitable solution.

The TIFF© Licensing Process
Training takes place in open or in-house groups over a period of three months. The personal contact of group support and challenge is a key part of the training. The process consists of a variety of activities including:

  • Completion of TIFF with individual feedback and on-going use of the experience as part of the group work.
  • Supervision to prepare for delivering TIFF and for debriefing.
  • Being able to use TIFF with “practice clients” as part of own professional practice.
  • Learning form practice client work and case studies to deepen understanding.
  • Experiential exercises and discussion.


These activities are organised into two 2-day group sessions, buddy work and three supervision sessions. There is some flexibility in the timing and organisation of the buddy work and the two supervision sessions in between the group sessions to suit participants. A TIFF Licence is granted at the discretion of the Course Leader(s), in consultation with The Director for Professional Practice of The Fluent Self CIC, when the Criteria have been suitably met by the individual.



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