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Alex van Oostveen, Wordofmouthcoach, South Africa


"Leona’s questions are powerful, respectful and enabling."

In working with Leona I always felt respected and listened to with patience and understanding. I like to ask a lot of questions and I found Leona walked this path of discovery with me in a way that I felt accompanied and guided, as opposed to directed. What stands out about Leona is her integrity, authenticity and genuine human connection.
Leona’s strength as a trainer is enhanced by her ability to be simultaneously confident and vulnerable, in that she makes use of her vast theoretical and experiential knowledge while at the same time acknowledging and using those of her trainees.
I had profound insights into the way I think, feel and behave during my TIFF feedback session with Leona. She holds a space and asks questions in a way that makes me feel safe and open to explore myself with curiosity. Leona’s questions are powerful, respectful and enabling.