"Make room for the power of your Core Essence in all areas of your life"

Marjan van den  Blink, CEO of Sense2@Know and creator of 'Working in your core essence - Werken vanuit je kern", will be back on Curaçao in November 2017. She will be running a number of new "Working in your core essence' courses and also a follow up course for the first group of people Marjan trained last April.  
The courses are being organized in collaboration with Balance Coaching & Smart Works Caribbean.


Each of us is magnificently made. The core essence is what separates each person in their individuality. To be different and make a difference requires an introspective look at our core essence. Understanding your essence -  and also understanding what is holding you back from being in deep connection with your essence - will help you flow with more grace and ease in life.
The process Marjan teaches will help you develop, unleash and expand the power that lies within you. Revealing your power will open up options and clarify which choices move your life more gracefully, fluently and effectively. With working in your core essence you will then begin to see how life flows around you. It will become clearer why people do what they do. It will connect you to the world in a deeper manner.